Top Left Corner #77 — Gold Casio helps The Foundry kick off second year.

By Jason Valazquez
Published January 25, 2020
Greylock Glass

This was meant to be a fairly brief conversation with Amy Brentano of The Foundry about what’s coming up in the new year for West Stockbridge’s newest Exhibit A for hipness. I’m jealous that it isn’t here in North County, but hey, even I have to leave my cave and comfort zone once in a while and venture out in search of pleasing sights and sounds.

We ended up, actually, doing the interview that I’d hoped to do in 2019, and, after going back and listening to all the great thoughts and explanations Amy shared, I realized that I couldn’t just give you a couple of sound bites. So, I hope you enjoy this nearly full length edition of our discussion. Mostly I just cut out the pompous boor interrupting Amy’s brilliance.

Big shout out of thanks to Gold Casio for sending us a couple of tunes to play in this episode there are still some tickets left for Saturday’s show, so grab ’em before somebody else does! House occupancy is only 99, which helps preserve the intimate atmosphere, but means you’ve got to be quick.

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