30u30: Modern Times

Sat, Mar 28 7:30pm

In collaboration with the 30under30 Festival at The Foundry, VEERdance and choreographer Michelle Erard will perform two dance pieces with one fifteen minute intermission.

PART 1: Surrealistic Women’s Retreat
Choreographed by Michelle Erard

Surrealistic Women’s Retreat explores ideas of retreat through movement, sound, and language. The piece is based on research centered around reclaiming personal, female identity through retreat. Intersections with surrealism support the core research by de-emphasizing rational thought and allowing material to emerge from subconscious associations.

Michelle Erard is a dance artist trained extensively in non-western forms who advocates diversity in her teaching and creative practice. Her work focuses on the use of language, sound, somatic practices, and improvisation practices from dance and physical theater to bridge disparate styles of movement training.

More Info: https://michelleerard.com/

PART 2: Woven Stories
VEERdance Company

Woven Stories is a collaboratively crafted dance. Exploring themes of relationships with the self, other and environment, the three movers develop as individuals and inevitably enter into partnerships with each other. In Woven Stories, questions of human interaction arise: Who am I at my center? How do relationships shift and change this core being? Can masks both aid survival and askew truth? Blending chance and improvisation, athletic partnering, and big choreography, this performance is a piece of physical dance theater.

VEERdance Company is an intensely physical, curious, and emotive contemporary dance company emerging from a desire for collaboration between Fern Katz, Taylor King, and Verity Nichols. Their insatiable drive to communicate and question somatically gives rise to visceral performances.

More Info: https://veerdancers.wixsite.com/website-3

Doors/ Bar Open: 6:30 PM
Tickets: $15