As The Ebb Flows: A Livestream Soap Opera

Tue, Jan 26 8:30pm

As The Ebb Flows takes place in the waterfront community of The Humptons. Tennessee Capote has just been elected the new mayor of the town which causes some friction with Victoria Torrington, the richest woman in town.

Love affairs, tragedy, and comedy ensue on the journey of the many different characters all played by the four members of our all star cast:

Gregory Boover, Madeleine Maggio, Tom Truss, and Molly Parker Myers.

Depending on their level of subscription, audience members will be able to vote after each episode to decide what happens to the characters in the next episode.

This livestream will be streamed through Zoom and YouTube to patrons of our Patreon page. To sign up to become a member please go to

Tue, Jan 26 8:30PM

Tue, Feb 23 8:30PM

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