Fun Night

Fri, Aug 4 7:30pm

Fun Night is a semi-regular improv show where veteran improvisers Liz Butler and Ben Jardine are joined by surprise special guests from the Berkshires and beyond.

Every show will be different, because Butler and Jardine will have new people to play with! They could perform a soap opera, a play, a musical – it’s all in the cards for Fun Night!

Fun Night is the perfect way to laugh away a warm Berkshire summer evening. Here is how your conversation could go with a friend, the day after you saw Fun Night:

“What did you do last night?”

“I saw Fun Night!”

“And how was it?”


Featuring Special Guest Dan Myers!

Dan Myers is a budding entomologist from the tristate area whose work touches on what makes us human, what makes us bugs, and why no one eats raisins anymore. He is over 100 years old and lives in an old jalopy with his pastor and a lazy dog.

Tickets: $18 in advance / $20 at the door

Seating: 7:00PM            Show: 7:30PM

This event is indoors.

Parking is limited at the venue so please utilize the three public parking lots in Town. One is across from the Post Office, one is behind Berkshire Bank and the other is just off Main Street. They are clearly marked. Do not park at Trúc Orient Express Restaurant or the Post Office or you might receive a ticket.