Richmond Consolidated School One Act Plays

Sat, Feb 8 3:00pm

Richmond Consolidated School to present two one act plays at The Foundry.

The first play is “This is a Test” by playwright Stephen Gregg. This piece dives into one student’s severe test taking anxiety with humor and surrealism. Typically performed in high school, the comedic timing requires listening and focus from the entire cast to help create a world of internal tension recognizable by anyone who has ever felt the pressure of taking a timed exam.

The second play, “They Eat Sunshine, Not Zebras,” by Dara Murphy, takes place in a field where characters are blades of grass. Though seemingly child-like, the hilarious text explores themes of xenophobia and hints of racism and is a social commentary on acceptance and tolerance. At an early rehearsal, students discussed eras of world history when societies felt an obligation to adhere to achieving “sameness” and rejecting individualism. Conflict in the play arises with the arrival in the field of a “different” kind of plant. The ensuing action, though very funny, carries a surprising weight and holds a spotlight on ‘fear of the unfamiliar.’

Both plays will be presented with one 15 minute intermission.

Tickets (At The Door): $5 Adults – $3 Students

Fri, Feb 07 11AM

Fri, Feb 07 3PM

Sat, Feb 08 11AM