Sun, Aug 21 3:00pm

The original work of Sharon Ruchman and SONORO is stretching the boundaries of contemporary rhythms creating a unique musical blend.

A mix of jazz, blues, and Latin rhythms with classical undertones, SONORO’s music is refreshingly different. Interesting arrangements with rich musical dimension will have you either tapping your feet or transported to a cinematic atmosphere enjoying a relaxing, reflective moment. From Nostalgia, an engaging Bossa nova, to Lucent’s gentle, emotional melodies from stringed instruments, the original, contemporary music offers unique sounds.

At the helm is composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman, who takes inspiration from the ensemble’s highly skilled musicians, playing the flute, saxophone, viola, cello, bass, and percussion. She brings an element of fun and exploration to the music, showcasing the group’s vibrant personalities and talents.

Supporting SONORO’s latest and fifth album, Jumping In, Ruchman and company deliver sophisticated, self-described “layered jazz-style pieces that experiment with rhythms and harmonies.” Whether a sweet sax tone or intricate piano, the instruments weave in and out of the pieces to create a lovely mood and vibes.

Tickets: $25

Seating/ Bar: 2:00 PM

This event is indoors.

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