POSTPONED: Up Spoke Death

Mon, Oct 24 7:30pm

With Mary Jo Maichack

This event has been postponed until further notice!

Welcome to the Underworld in this cauldron of tales told by storyteller and musician Mary Jo Maichack. Myths, urban legends and folktales come alive (or undead?!) for an adult audience in the wickedly expressive vocals of this master of the art of storytelling.

Maichack invites you to participate in her tellings—Yuk it up with her and play with bits of Italian in a classic Italo Calvino story of a man who had no fear. Sing and chant haunting choral refrains as she unwinds an absurd Appalachian folktale of three girls, each charged with watching a dead man in his coffin. Enthrall as Maichack tells the Greek myth of the first arachnid with improvised guitar colorations. Walk with Ogaloosa’s children as they bring this African hero back from the dead. Lose yourself in urban legends of hitchhikers and unwitting prom-goers in for a hellish time.

Maichack has been at this trade professionally for decades. She’s spun her yarns for the National Storytelling Network, on festival stages from the Connecticut Storytelling Center, Celebration Barn Theatre, Mark Twain Festival, on PBS and from San Francisco to Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy. Her spirit of fun goes hand-in-hand with her flexible voice, love of language play, humor, song, and depth of understanding that stories are messages spawned from our wants and needs via the cavern of our subconscious. No need to work at this—your imagination already knows the way.

So go ahead–laugh when the hearse goes by. Come to “Up Spoke Death.”

Death has never been more entertaining…


General Admission – $18 ($20 at-the-door)

Seating/Bar: 6:30 PM

This event is indoors.