Artist Statement:

“I am a woman. Don’t look at my crotch. You won’t find my womanhood in my panties. I am a woman, and you’re not qualified to disagree. I’ve paid in full on a lifetime membership; and I continue to pay because I am a WOMAN. You will not take take this from me…” – Julia Grey

In alignment with The Foundry’s mission of creating a platform for unheard voices, the venue will be holding events for celebrating and raising awareness for the LGBTQ community in conjunction with “Biting My Own Teeth,” a collection of stunning self-portraits by Photographer Miss Julia Grey. An opening reception will be where Grey will publicly speak about her pioneering open-shutter technique (OST) and personal journey through her nine-year self portrait project “Loving Julia” which celebrates her womanhood and is the backbone of her advocacy for gender positivity.

“Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth…” – Alan Watts

Artist Submissions

Submissions for visual art are now open for The Gallery at The Foundry. To submit your work, please visit our gallery submissions page:

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