The gallery at The Foundry curates professional visual art aligning with the venue’s mission to present work that crosses cultural boundaries and generational divides. The space also hosts community gatherings, smaller musical events, immersive workshops, and classes.

Currently Showing:
David haust – bowl

Four wooden bowls shown from above.
A collection of wood-turned bowls, created in a variety of woods. Handcrafted by artist David Haust.

Artist’s Statement

My work honors the intrinsic beauty of the material, the grain, color & feel, which all communicate what the raw wood wants to become. For me, woodturning is a sculptural process resulting in a functional piece that becomes a part of our everyday lives.

—Artist David Haust

Artist Submissions

Submissions for visual art are now open for The Gallery at The Foundry. To submit your work, please visit our gallery submissions page:

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