About The Foundry

Built in 1994 as a glass blowing studio, the building’s name references its roots. Now the venue produces theater, music, comedy, spoken word, educational workshops and more, providing a safe place to create dangerous work. Work that counteracts the passive, the isolating, the distance between people. Come experience joyful creation, partake in brave exploration, meet the person sitting next to you, share about what you’re seeing, buy them a drink. Our goal is to present relevant performing and visual art that is accessible for diverse audiences; art that connects and inspires us, and incites us to leap across cultural boundaries. The Foundry is a holding tank for raw, funny, challenging, empowering work that changes the lens through which we view each other.



The Foundry’s owner, Amy Brentano (She/Her), moved to the Berkshires from New York City in 2002. A theater artist and educator, her dream has long been to acquire a physical space where challenging, new work can be supported, unheard stories can be given a platform, and  artists generous of spirit can convene and produce work that questions old ideas.



Noh Bailey (She/They) is a local theatre artist with roots in the Berkshires. Having worked at Shakespeare & Company, Barrington Stage, and in many other regional theaters, Noh has found their artistic home at The Foundry. They have recently worked with resident theatre company Bazaar Productions as an actor in “Particularly In The Heartland,” and as a collaborator in the week- long residency The Pastrana Project, in which artists and local Berkshire residents helped workshop and develop a new rock- opera written by San Francisco based musician May V. Oskan . (Website)


The venue pays careful attention to vaccination rates as well as rates of infection both locally and statewide and is prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice if and when it becomes necessary for public health safety to reinstate restrictions in the future.

Currently patrons are required to provide proof of vaccination and wear a mask at all of our indoor events.