30u30: MAD MIDI + Jules Jenssen DJ Set

Sat, Mar 7 7:30pm

After the opening reception for the 2020 30 Under 30 festival, Jules Jenssen will perform pieces from his new solo project MAD MIDI, followed by a DJ set/ Dance Party.


In the winter months of 2019, Jules Jenssen retreated into the depths of his home studio, Shabby Road, with a vision… While he was in there, he created a new instrument, and has now emerged with a new solo project, MAD MIDI. The instrument is a dynamic, reactive, custom audio/video sampler that’s triggered via acoustic drum set. The result is multimedia storytelling that bridges cinematic entertainment and electronic jazz…(video jazz, anyone…?). Utilizing visual and audio samples from across the internet, MAD MIDI blends found sights and sounds into synesthesiatic stories and landscapes. Every piece of video and audio is triggered in real time from the drums, which allows for the same source material to be performed in new, unpredictable ways at every show. Jules Jenssen’s MAD MIDI exists at the intersection of consuming content, creating content , and BEING content…

Instagram: @JulesJenssen

Tickets: $10