Cuarteto Rotterdam

Fri, Mar 22 7:30pm

Cuarteto Rotterdam is tango–full of passion, virtuosity and power–taking into account more than 100 years of tango history. Being conscious of this tradition, they perform the early and more cheerful kind of tango music from the Guardia Vieja era with such ease that it makes everyone want to dance. In compact quartet style, they present the Golden Age of tango from the 1940s with the highlights of the grand orchestras a la Di Sarli, Troilo, D’Arienzo, Pugliese or Salgán. In searching for the tango of the 21st century, they have included contemporary Argentine and European tango pieces in the concert and dance programmge.

The quartet’s classic structure, consisting of bandoneón, violin, piano, and double bass, provides a sound experience ranging between tradition and modernity. With their creativity, imagination, and experience, this small orchestra conjures up a world of tango for all kinds of emotions.

Michael Dolak (Germany) – Bandoneón
Susanne Cordula Welsch (Germany) – Violin
Judy Ruks (Netherlands) – Piano
Facundo Leónidas Di Pietro (Argentine) – Double Bass

Tickets: $25

Seating/Bar: 7:00PM   Show:  7:30PM

This event is indoors.

Parking is limited at the venue so please utilize the three public parking lots in Town. One is across from the Post Office, one is behind Berkshire Bank and the other is just off Main Street. They are clearly marked. Do not park at Trúc Orient Express Restaurant or the Post Office or you might receive a ticket.

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