Cult Film Classic: Santa vs. The Devil

Fri, Dec 8 7:00pm

Holiday Lounge

Santa Claus vs. The Devil is a 1959 Mexican fantasy film directed by Rene Cardona and co-written with Adolfo Torres Portillo. In the film, Santa Claus works in outer space and battles with a demon named Pitch, sent to Earth by Lucifer to ruin Christmas by killing Santa and “making all the children of the Earth do evil”. The film runs 97 minutes. Dubbed in English (makes it even more fun!)


“I couldn’t help feeling as I watched it that it must have a strong cult following somewhere simply because it’s so…strange.”
-John J. Puccio /Movie Metropolis

“This one definitely falls into the so-bad-it’s-kinda-awesome camp.”
-Matt Brunson/Film Frenzy

“Ho Ho Horrible!”
-Phil Hall/Film Threat

Bar/SALA Boutique: 5:30PM   Event:  7PM

This event is indoors.

Parking is limited at the venue so please utilize the three public parking lots in Town. One is across from the Post Office, one is behind Berkshire Bank and the other is just off Main Street. They are clearly marked. Do not park at Trúc Orient Express Restaurant or the Post Office or you might receive a ticket.