Emerging Artist Series: Will & Andrew Comedy / Paramount Plus Improv

Wed, Aug 17 6:30pm

Double Bill

Since 2020, The Foundry has curated young artists in a variety of genres including music, theater, dance, and comedy, offering them a professional platform and audience on Tuesday evenings in our black box theater. 

No, not a string quartet, and no, not a talented singing duo, it’s Presented With Comment 3!

Will McLaughlin and (after extensive negotiations) Andrew Weston are back with their trusty projector for one last show! After a terrible argument resulting in two incinerated tracksuits and a vow never to speak to each other again, the duo spent the past six months in extensive couples therapy, trying to rediscover what made them care for one another in the first place. Though the reconciliation was only somewhat successful, the two have agreed to assemble one last time and pretend everything’s ok for the entertainment of the people… as long as neither of them bring up the iguana incident. It doesn’t matter who thought they could train iguanas to learn close-up magic or why Will said that it was a terrible waste of their entire budget. If the past six months of therapy and hindsight have taught them anything, it’s that the past is the past and your business will crumble if you let your iguanas unionize.

Like all good trilogies, their first show was pretty good, their second show was way better, and their third show will probably be some people’s favorite, but will mostly leave fans disappointed. But they don’t even know what the show is gonna be yet, so who knows? Come and figure out for yourself.

IT’S SUMMER! Welcome endless, carefree days and wild, hot nights!

But WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coco and Hanna are trying to have the best Summer of their lives in NYC, but the endless stress of adult problems won’t stop! So summer is… ruined?! Hello job applications, and mortgage payments YIKES! All they want is a fast and free night of doing comedy with their best friends.

Join Paramount Plus for their second performance EVER and help these kids live out their dreams. There might even be some special surprise guests…. NOTHING CAN STOP US

Hanna Yurfest (New York City + Richmond, MA) aims to be the world’s most prolific, famous, and infinite stage and screen director. Hanna enjoys being the funniest person ever as well as the most generous person ever. Hanna’s goal is to direct every play ever that is on Broadway and unlock everyone’s power of potential. She is working on being immortal as well.

Coco McNeil is an actor, improviser, and dramaturg based in Brooklyn. She’s recently performed at Brooklyn Comedy Collective and Columbia University. She’s pumped to be back at The Foundry. You can find her on twitter @cocoaa___ or in-person at **** ****** *** *** *

Tickets: $10 Cover Charge (All proceeds go directly to the Emerging Artist!)

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