Pops Peterson: The Making of a Protest Artist

Fri, Jan 24 7:30pm

Pops Peterson will be delivering a new presentation “The Making of a Protest Artist,” at The Foundry.

This presentation will center on those artists whose artwork itself was devoted to making political change. Peterson will examine the reasons why the artists were prompted to devote their work to activism and, in the second part of his speech, will discuss his own personal journey from landscape and portrait painting to activist art.

Pops Peterson is an artist and public speaker from the Berkshires, best known for his award-winning series, Reinventing Rockwell, and his multimedia presentation and podcast, “Portraits Of Freedom.” His renowned painting, Freedom From What? is currently featured in the Norman Rockwell Museum’s international tour, THE FOUR FREEDOMS: ENDURING IDEALS, RE-IMAGINING THE FOUR FREEDOMS.

(Artwork by Pops Peterson)

Doors/ Bar Open: 6:30PM
Tickets: $15