Postponed: What?

Thu, May 5 7:00pm

*This event has been postponed, a new date will be announced soon*

What? is a funk septet hailing out of the Hudson Valley of New York.

Imagine it now; the year is 2016 and you’re a freshman in college again. It’s a different time, the world is not what we know it to be today. You and your buddies grab a 30 of Rolling Rock and head out to what has been deemed the party of the semester. As you approach the door, almost hypnotically, you become entranced by the infectious melodies and thunderous grooves that envelop the house.

You are immediately captivated by this overwhelming ethereal energy and urge to dance like you’ve never experienced before. These complex, yet memorable arrangements provide the soundscape for an auditory journey of a lifetime.

You turn to the person next to you because you have to know, “who is this band?!”

“No dude … What?”!

What? is a funk septet hailing out of the Hudson Valley of New York. Although commonly confused with the international sensation known as ‘The Who,’ What? has been pioneering their own path to success despite being put on second base by Russ Abbott in 1938. The band found their roots in 2016 when Ryan Perrone and Dan Steen met while studying at SUNY New Paltz. They developed and honed their early sound, rehearsing weekly in bassist Jeremiah Mahoney’s lakeside living room. Drawing influence from the serene landscape of the Catskills that inspired the likes of The Band and Donald Fagan, What? bridges the gap between R&B groove and improvisational jam. Compared to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Lawrence, Phish and Snarky Puppy, What?’s eclectic taste in music lays the framework for a night that spans multiple genres. The New Paltz Oracle writes, “the band emphasizes spontaneity and staying boundless.” Rock & roll, jazz, hip-hop, and pop only scratch the surface of what the New York based band might bring at any given show. But what is for certain, is that they will keep the party going all night!

What? consists of Ryan Perrone on trombone, keyboard and lead vocals; Dan Steen on guitar; Jared Nelson on guitar, keyboards and percussion; Jeremiah Joseph Mahoney VI on bass; Alex Endres on drums; Russell Hartman on tenor and soprano saxophones; and Owen Moore on Baritone Saxophone.

With a growing following in the Hudson Valley, What? is known to bring high-energy, soulful grooves with their power-house horn trio each time they grace the stage. They have performed at notable venues throughout the area including The Colony in Woodstock, NY; The Falcon in Marlboro, NY; live on Radio Woodstock, and Arrowood Farm in Accord, NY. Their debut album, ‘Lavender Lounge’ is set to release on June 1st, 2022. They have a heavy catalog of originals and choice covers ready for the road, with a busy schedule ahead consisting of dates up and down the East Coast in support of their first release.

Tickets: General Admission – $18 ($20 at-the-door)

Seating/ Bar: 6:00 PM

COVID-19 Guidelines: All guests must wear a mask when not actively eating and drinking/ provide proof of vaccination at-the-door.

This event is indoors.