Writing & Performing the Monologue

Fri, Oct 4 7:00pm

with Jayne Benjulian

Berkshire Writers Project Presents, “Writing & Performing the Monologue” as a part of two writing workshops at The Foundry.

Under the guidance of poet and essayist Jayne Benjulian, artists, playwrights, storytellers, etc. will be sharing the work they have been developing over five weeks during the “Writing & Performing the Monologue” workshop.

Accessing an interior life, and giving voice to it, is the art of the monologue.

“Let me say a few words about Jayne. I took a class with Jayne, and I was lucky—inclement weather kept everyone else away. She gave me a whole new perspective on what I was doing. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and her love for her craft made her a great teacher. I had to share her subsequently, and every class was a revelation.”
— Eleanor Windman

To register for the “Poetry Workshop,” and more information, see https://jaynebenjulian.com/home/events