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Mon, Jun 5, 2023 6:00pm

Four Week Summer Improv Workshop

with Liz Butler and Ben Jardine

This is a four week workshop, where you’ll develop (or, for more experienced players, deepen) your understanding of the shared fundamentals of improv theater. We’ll explore these fundamentals through improv exercises, games, and scenes, in a supportive and safe environment.

Sun, Jun 25, 2023 7:30pm

Dayna Kurtz

Listening to Dayna’s voice was like a drug.  It wasn’t just her tone or her range or her power, which,  if I knew anything about vocal technique, I could praise at length.  No, it was something emotional.  Her voice sounded like desperation hurled into the world with exquisite control.” Steve Almond, from the essay, “Dayna Kurtz sings the World a Lullabye” in Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life

Thu, Jul 6, 2023 6:30pm


Family Friendly Series

These charming vintage clowns play circus animals, sing as a human calliope, do the classic circus mirror routine, invent a number of ridiculous “entrées”, perform live music, and execute a very satisfying slow motion number involving a pie!

Fri, Jul 14, 2023 7:30pm

Duo Nouveau

Guitarists and composers Colin Isotti and Andrew Szmauz combine their classical, flamenco, and jazz skills to adapt a variety of music from around the world. Both students of Cuban-American maestro José Manuel Lezcano, they bring melodies and danceable grooves from Brazil, Spain, and Cuba to the stage.