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Tue, Mar 9, 2021 7:00pm

I’M FINE by MMRHS Drama Department: Film Screening

A film by local young artists, presented as part of our ongoing Emerging Artist Series. Two and a half years in the making, this short film made by a local high school drama class is finally ready to be released to the public. I’M FINE interweaves three stories of high school relationships while acting as a showcase for the talent of young actors and as a directorial debut for hopeful young filmmakers.

Tue, Feb 9, 2021 7:00pm

Blue Vice by BODYSONNET: Film Screening

Presented as part of our ongoing Emerging Artist Series. Blue Vice is a new film created by BODYSONNET, with videography by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, and original sound by Dorothy Chan and Lucy Yao of Chromic.Duo. The work is centered on four characters and their intimate experiences with winter and solitude. One by one they delve into the depths of waiting and the ecstasy of confession. With its cinematic beauty the Berkshires provide potent grounds for this meditation on how we survive winter.

Fri, Sep 25, 2020 6:30pm

Don’t Touch The Art

Don’t Touch The Art is a reminder, a celebration, a moment, and a truth. This is a celebration of the body. A graduation of the body. A return to the body. And a meditation on the process and journey of healing from sexual trauma through a reclamation of mind, body, heart, and soul. It is a journey and a meditation through the mediums of painting, sound, movement, and video. The story is centered around black bodies, cis, trans, questioning, and non-binary.

Sat, Sep 5, 2020 7:30pm

Patio Productions: Sean Rowe

Over the course of his career, Sean Rowe has recorded five full – length albums and several EPs. His music has been used widely throughout film and television, with notable examples including NBC’s hit dramas The Blacklist and Parenthood. Rowe’s song “To Leave Something Behind” was one of two non – score tracks to be featured in Ben Affleck’s hit 2016 feature film, The Accountant.